Joliet West High School Out Of Control

by T. C. Mayfield, The Chicago Times

October 5, 2021

JOLIET, IL – Some concerned parents want out of Joliet school district as a result of increased violence against students and staff.

As of today, Joliet West High School has seen 70 suspensions and one arrest.  Prompting the school board to convene a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the issue.

In a sickening display of disrespect and complete breakdown of discipline, the principal of Joliet West High School, Teresa Gibson, was assaulted by students when attempting to break up a fight.  Students took footage of the assault and failed to intervene.

Superintendent Karla Guseman described it as “embarrassing and harmful to the community.”

She prepared a letter in which she reminded students and parents that fighting and videotaping are grounds for expulsion from school.

The letter says, in part: “You incite violence and have a detrimental impact on the children who are here to learn.  We recognize that you may have been affected by the pandemic, but this does not excuse your behavior.  In our classrooms, your acts will not be tolerated.” Guseman wrote.

The district is taking initiatives to reduce tardiness and keep pupils in their classrooms rather than the hallways.

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