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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

National Weather Service: Lake Michigan Too Dangerous For Swimming 

By The Chicago Times Staff August 8, 2022 CHICAGO – National Weather Service declared Lake Michigan too dangerous for swimming in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area starting Monday and Tuesday. According to the NWS “Dangerous swimming conditions are expected to develop on Monday, and will persist through early TuesdayContinue reading “National Weather Service: Lake Michigan Too Dangerous For Swimming “

Naperville: Man charged In Violent Home Invasion

By Kathy Whitaker, The Chicago Times August 9, 2022 NAPERVILLE, IL –  A man who was out on probation was charged after he allegedly broke into a Naperville residence where his ex-girlfriend was visiting and violently attacked residents. According to prosecutors, on Saturday at 4:00 am,  24-year-old Adam Stone, of Chicago, allegedly broke into a residence on Smokey Court in Naperville where his ex-girlfriend was visiting.  Stone supposedly broke aContinue reading “Naperville: Man charged In Violent Home Invasion”

Intelligentsia Coffee To Unionize; Patrons Can Expect To Pay More 

By Al Brown, The Chicago Times August 9, 2022 CHICAGO – Five of Intelligentsia Coffee’s cafes in Chicago have voted to join a union, making Intelligentsia the third coffee house to go union.  Consumers can expect price hikes as Intelligentsia looks to offset union costs. According to the International BrotherhoodContinue reading “Intelligentsia Coffee To Unionize; Patrons Can Expect To Pay More “

Japan: Chinese Missiles Fired Into Japanese Territory

By Douglas F. Roberts, The Chicago Times August 5, 2022 TOKYO – Japanese officials protested the incursion of five ballistic missiles, launched by China, that landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone on Thursday. Japanese defense minister Nobuo Kishi said that China launched a large-scale military exercise on Thursday that included the firing ofContinue reading “Japan: Chinese Missiles Fired Into Japanese Territory”

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