by Frank Conklin, The Chicago Times

September 13, 2021

SPRINGFIELD, IL —  A 1,000-page clean energy proposal is now on the desk of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.  The new law will raise residents’ utility bills by up to $180 per year, in part to fund new nuclear power plant subsidies and begin the transition to carbon-free energy BY 2050.

The proposal includes a new multimillion-dollar subsidy for Exelon’s nuclear power plants in the name of preserving energy generation that does not rely on fossil fuels, which emit climate-changing carbon into the atmosphere.

The bill also calls for the eventual phase-out of coal and gas-fired energy production, as well as job training for workers interested in setting up solar and wind power facilities.

The bill also establishes an ethics standard for utilities to meet given the criticism of a $700 million bailout for Exelon, whose subsidiary, utility giant ComEd, has admitted to federal prosecutors that it engaged in a decade-long bribery scheme in Springfield and is cooperating in an ongoing investigation that has implicated former House Speaker Michael Madigan and led to indictments.

Gov. Pritzker stated that he would sign it into law as soon as possible.

Frank Conklin, Illinois Political Columnist for The Chicago Times.  Views and comments expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Chicago Times.


  1. patrick's writings says:

    everyone in illinois cant stant prizker! the polic3e hate him as much as the homeowners and everyone else across the board. they still have signs up PRITZKER SUCKS!

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  2. patrick's writings says:

    I’m a right-wing conservative. I like fairness in every area of the fabric of society. Our forefather’s original design of the Constitution is a beautiful document that gives freedom and liberty to all who work for it. I know a number of Democrats too. I listen to their point of view yet everything everyone depends upon as a structure was built by Conservites, Republicans. Each time a group makes an attempt to alter the unflawed document problems exist that can be seen everywhere that is self-evident, freedom and liberty and independence is something that is a human civility need and it isn’t free, it has to be worked for. Disgracing people in Government the way people had done the past couple of years is flawed and bad for all walks of life. A democracy resides from the structure that was formed by the People, Citizens, ordinary everyday people way back then, as in the words of George Mason Representatives are the trustees and servants of the people amendable to them, where they form laws and interpretation for the public weal . There had been many times people felt as Government was against them, a couple cases that was true as there was prosecutions of people in office. In office currently there are so many people that disagree with the current administration by mind body and soul that there was 40.3 million people that resigned, retired, or quit their jobs due to a crack in the fabric of social society, people that make the laws should be held accountable to them, there had been a huge number of times that want to see hunter biden put in jail for what he has done, that is how people feel, regardless of democratic or republican and when the public fails to see the law being upheld it is shown in the public by how people react, sometimes in mass groups. Yet there is 40.3 million people that are unemployed for many reasons and that isn’t so cool at all from reflection of how people feel or think of their employers and policy and or how government seems to lead to its own dismal destruction from the failure to prosecute their own instead of just the people. there are many people behind bars for the same offences hunter biden caused, his father is separate and it doesn’t pertain to his father Joseph, yet someone that is supposed to be in charge of so many functions of America and its land hde allowed his relative to cause criminal offenses when he had prosecuted so many others, there is a Bible verse in regards to something like that about why complaint about the plank in the other persons eye when they have a plank in their own eye. Yet, i know of the reflections that stem from the public as do many others and that is how they feel where this i don’t care attitude is out there and that can become infectious to where that becomes the public norm verbally and it has to be prevented from doing so. Yet in regards to hunter I’ve been in a couple conversations long ago that got heated in stores way long ago when that news first came out and that was before the pandemic and the social unrest. How do ya write on something of the such? Just write about it is how. The Earth is already in it’s own form of irreversible path as some had written on forms and as some had spoken on as far as global climate change so what if we just change our focus to how do we save Earth from being destroyed by pollutants in the atmosphere and the seas and lands in stead of focusing on the topics that get the wrong attention too many times to count? Just talk about it, or ask your self what can i do to help save Earth? What can i do to help clean the water so the many pollutants stop being a part of every sinks faucet in every home or business? What can i do to stop neighborhood pollution? Pick up one piece of trash and throw it away that is not laborious nor back breaking to do? How do i conjoin people in such a movement to make people happy and smile and care about Earth? Mail em all a Holiday card, write them a postal letter as opposed to a e-mail or text message.

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  3. patrick's writings says:

    on behalf of the public, polititions had been making money from the public sufferage. if that one guy that was in office wants accountablity then allow all the men and women of the public inspect every last cent that is being used anywhere, every penny, nickle, or dime that is collected as a tax, where speanding of said tax money that is collected can not pass unless approved by the people that went to work day and night.

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