Donations Stolen From South Side Charity

by James R. Scott, The Chicago Times

November 29, 2021

CHICAGO – In a shameful act, a 53-foot shipping container donated by CSX Railroad was stolen from an Englewood parking lot, along with thousands of gifts inside.

Delece Williams, President of Kidz Korna, stood with many of her community partners on Monday morning, who had worked all year to fill that container with donations to give to local families before Christmas.

According to Williams the container the missing white container has the serial number UMXU 630361.

“We have a lot of senior citizens that are depending on us helping with the grandkids, as well as single parents. Everybody knows that COVID has hit and it’s trying times right now and we need to step up and support the people that we can support,” said Sharon Preston, Founder of Flags of the Heart.

“This had to be orchestrated by someone who really is a professional. These kids look so forward to this. It should put a tear in everybody’s heart when it comes to the children,” said Farley Jackmaster Funk, supporter of Kidz Korna.

They had been collecting toys and other items all year and planned to distribute them along 40 Chicago blocks next month.  Kidz Korna is hoping for toy and money donations, as well as a permanent location so they do not have to rely on containers to keep Kidz Korna inventory safe from thieves.

Those who want to help can go to to donate money or find toy drop off locations in the Chicago area.


by The Chicago Times Staff

July 19, 2021

Washoe County, NV — According to Washoe County police, a Nevada woman broke into a dentist’s office, stole money, and pulled 13 teeth from an unconscious patient on two separate occasions.

Deputies say Laurel Eich, who is not a dentist, broke into a dental office where she claimed to have previously worked.  Eich allegedly stole $22,861 in cash and checks during the May 3 break-in, according to a press release from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office.

Meanwhile, Eich told detectives that the tooth extraction took place on a different date than the break-in.  According to police, she also admitted to using anesthetic disposed of by the office.

Eich, 42, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of burglary, one count of grand larceny, one count of conspiracy to commit burglary, and one count of performing surgery on another without a medical license.

Investigators did not say how they came to the conclusion that Eich was a person of interest in the case, but they did say she “admitted to multiple people,” including deputies, that she had performed the medical procedure on her own time.

Eich is being held in the Washoe County jail on a $20,000 bond.


by The Chicago Times Staff

June 15, 2021

WASHINGTON — An Associated Press investigation found that at least 1,900 U.S. military firearms were lost or stolen during the 2010s, with some resurfacing in violent crimes in the first public accounting of its kind in decades.

Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and automatic assault rifles have been reported missing from armories, supply warehouses, Navy warships, and other locations, according to government records.  These weapons of war vanished due to security flaws that have gone unnoticed until now, such as sleeping troops and a surveillance system that failed to record.

Before it was recovered, authorities linked a stolen Army pistol from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to four shootings in New York.  A stolen Army pistol was used in a robbery on the streets of Boston.

Theft or loss of weapons occurred all over the military’s global footprint.  Someone cut the padlock on an Army container in Afghanistan and stole 65 Beretta M9s, the same type of gun found in New York.

When empty pistol boxes were discovered in the compound, the war zone theft went undetected for weeks.  The weapons have not been found.

Military weapons are particularly vulnerable to insiders who are in charge of their security.

They know how to take advantage of flaws in armories and the military’s massive supply chains.

They may see an opportunity to make a buck from a military that can afford it, especially from the lower ranks.

Weapons accountability is standard procedure in the military.  When armorers open each day, they are supposed to check weapons.  Whether troops are in the field, on patrol, or in the arms room, sight counts, or a visual total of weapons on hand, are drilled into them.  People have been stealing from armories for as long as there have been armories.