Plainfield Man Arrested After High-Speed Chase In Indiana

By David Slavik, The Chicago Times

January 21, 2022

LAPORTE COUNTY, IN – A Plainfield man was arrested Thursday after leading Indiana State Police in high pursuit chase in LaPorte County, Indiana.

According to Indiana State Police, state troopers were following a black Jeep Grand Cherokee with stolen plates southbound on Franklin Street.  After several minutes the Jeep sped off westbound on Interstate 94.  ISP pursued the Jeep onto I-94, which then exited onto I-90 where the it suffered a flat tire near mile marker 27.

Keyvon Johnson, 23, was arrested along with a male passenger.  Johnson, from Plainfield, Illinois, was charged with resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, theft, reckless driving, and possession of drugs, according to ISP.

ISP later said the Jeep was reported stolen in Plainfield, Illinois as part of a Facebook sales scam.

Indiana Police Officer Saves Children From Retention Pond After High Speed Chase

by The Chicago Times Staff

December 14, 2021

ST. JOHN, IN — A police officer in Indiana saved the lives of two small children when the car they were riding in drove into a retention pond on Sunday.

Just outside St. John, Lake County Sheriff officers were conducting a traffic stop at 11:30 p.m. when, during the stop, a man with an arrest warrant fled the area.  A female passenger in the automobile leapt into the driver’s seat and sped away with the driver’s two young daughters in the backseat.

Officer Darrell Shaffer and other St. John police officers assisting Lake County Sheriff officers, pursued the speeding vehicle.  Shaffer pursued the automobile down I-80-94 to Kennedy Avenue, where the fleeing vehicle exited.  Without warning the driver lost control of the vehicle which veered off the road into a retention pond.

Shaffer, unaware of the vehicle’s occupants, quickly parked his squad car and jumped into action to save those trapped in the vehicle.  Shaffer noticed a 3-year-old floating in the rear of the car and proceeded to pull the young child from the car.

Shaffer then noticed an 8-month-old child floating in the car and again proceeded to pull the victim from the vehicle.  According to Shaffer, he estimated that the 8-month-old child was under the water for about a minute and a half.

According to medical staff, the children were alert and conscious by the time they were taken to the hospital. 

The man and the woman were arrested. St. John police said Lake County Sheriff’s Department continuing its investigation.   

Syphilis Cases Explode In Southwestern Indiana

by The Chicago Times Staff

November 17, 2021

EVANSVILLE, IN — The Vanderburgh County Health Department is responding to an adult syphilis outbreak in the Evansville area, with assistance from the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH).

Cases of syphilis have been reported to be on the rise in Daviess, Dubois, Gibson, Knox, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick counties.  To date, 21 cases have been identified in this outbreak, which includes adults with recent syphilis infections, the majority of which are in highly infectious stages.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection that can cause serious health problems and spread to the brain and nervous system.

Family Killed In Gary Train Accident

by The Chicago Times Staff

November 16, 2021

GARY, IN — A freight train struck a car in Gary, Indiana, killing a mother and her children on Tuesday morning.

Around 7:20 a.m., a train collided with the car on Howard Street between Miller Avenue and 6th Place.

According to Gary police Commander Jack Hamady, three victims were ejected from a silver Chevrolet sedan and were pronounced dead at the scene.  The victims have been identified as Deniya Brown, 11, Deyki Mitchell, 13, and Shermika Herbert, 37.  All three victims resided in Gary.

The Gary Police Department and CSX authorities are investigating.

Lone Gunman Opens Fire In Gary Church

by The Chicago Times Staff

November 13, 2021

GARY, IN — A lone gunman opened fire at a crowded funeral outside a church in Gary on Saturday afternoon, killing one and wounding another.

According to Gary police, the shooting occurred around 2:19 p.m. at SS Monica and Luke Catholic Church, located at 645 Rhode Island Court.  Police said an unidentified Black male shouted at the crowd before opening fire.

Gary police officers arrived to find a 41-year-old Merrillville man unresponsive outside the church.  The unresponsive victim was taken to Methodist Hospital Northlake and pronounced dead.

Another 41-year-old Gary man was discovered inside the church with a gunshot wound and is listed in stable condition.

Indiana Police Say No To Chicago Crime Incursions

by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

September 22, 2021

CROWN POINT, IN — Criminals from Chicago are targeting Indiana, but unlike Chicago where Police are told to stand down, Indiana police are saying no to criminals and throwing them in jail.

As Chicago criminals steal cars and cross the Indiana line there has been an increase in criminal activity in Indiana.  The news is full of stories of drive-by shootings, homicides, and burglaries.  The stink and scum of Chicago are starting to soil our Hoosier neighbor.  Our politicians should be embarrassed.

Sheriff Martinez of Lake County explained that criminals get away with a lot in Chicago, but Indiana law enforcement will fight back by actually chasing criminals, catching criminals, and throwing criminals in jail.  The weak policies of Chicago, which now terrorize residents, will not stand in Indiana.

The Lake County Indiana Sheriff’s Department has already had 84 pursuits this year.

In total, they had 95 in 2020.  They apprehended and arrested criminals in half of the cases this year.

Illinois State Police have a much stricter pursuit policy than Indiana.  Troopers must evaluate risk using a 14-point checklist.  They cannot also pursue traffic violations, whereas Indiana State Police can, depending on the severity of the offense.

In Chicago, officers are not allowed to pursue a vehicle unless it has been approved by a supervisor, who must determine whether the risk of a chase outweighs the risk of letting someone flee.

The weakness of Chicago politicians to face crime problems will only further destroy this once great city.