Japan: Chinese Missiles Fired Into Japanese Territory

By Douglas F. Roberts, The Chicago Times

August 5, 2022

TOKYO – Japanese officials protested the incursion of five ballistic missiles, launched by China, that landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone on Thursday.

Japanese defense minister Nobuo Kishi said that China launched a large-scale military exercise on Thursday that included the firing of live ammunition in areas surrounding Taiwan.

“To have five Chinese missiles fall within Japan’s EEZ like this is a first.  We have protested strongly through diplomatic channels.  This is a serious problem that concerns Japan’s security and the safety of our citizens.  We strongly condemn this action,” Kishi said at a news conference.

The Japanese EEZ spans some 200 nautical miles from the outer limits of Japan’s territorial seas.

The military exercise comes two days after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit in 25 years.

According to Chinese state controlled media, the military exercises are being conducted to simulate an air and sea blockade of Taiwan.

In response, Taiwan’s defense ministry said in a statement that its military was remaining at “normal” readiness and called the live-fire drills “irrational” and Taiwan forces “. . . will act appropriately,” when responding to any challenge.

Amazon To Axe Kindle Out Of Communist China

By Brooks M. Deering, The Chicago Times

June 2, 2022

BEIJING Amazon.com to end Kindle device and services in communist China.

On Thursday, Amazon announced the decision on WeChat, saying it was pulling the Kindle from the communist Chinese market, but Amazon’s remaining operations, not restricted by the communist government, would continue.

Amazon also announced that the Kindle China e-bookstore will cease offering eBooks on June 30, 2023.  Amazon added that customers will be able download any purchased books for a year beyond that.

“We remain committed to our customers in China. As a global business, we periodically evaluate our offerings and make adjustments, wherever we operate.  With our portfolio of businesses in China, we will continue to innovate and invest where we can provide value to our customers.” Amazon stated in a press release.

Amazon’s remaining businesses in communist China includes cross-border e-commerce, advertising, and cloud services.

The increased repression and control over online content by China’s communist regime has prompted other large U.S. tech companies to cut services in China.

European Union Responds To Red China Over Lithuanian Dispute

By H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

January 27, 2022

BRUSSELS – On Thursday, the European Union, took further action in its dispute with communist China’s economic bullying of member state Lithuania to the World Trade Organization.  The EU accuses Beijing of undermining the 27-nation bloc’s single market.

Valdis Dombrovskis, EU Trade Commissioner, reported to the WTO that the European Union is due more respect from Beijing, which is coercing EU member states by blocking imports based on political grounds.

“Our relationship requires mutual respect,” Dombrovskis told the World Trade Organization.

Communist China’s bullying of Lithuania started when Lithuania decided to call the Taiwanese diplomatic office in Vilnius as “Taiwan” rather than communist China’s approved term of “Taipei”, which Red China has bullied other nations into using. Communist China considers Taiwan part of its territory with no right to diplomatic recognition or the right to maintain a free and democratic government.

In a typical response, Beijing expelled the Lithuanian ambassador and withdrew its own ambassador in Vilnius.  Communist China, according to the EU, has ordered that imports and exports be held at ports.

“Let me be clear these measures are a threat to the integrity of the EU single market so it affects the entire EU trade and EU supply chains, and they have a negative effect on EU industry,” Dombrovskis said.

Dombrovkis also stressed that not reacting to Beijing’s action could spread throughout the whole bloc of 450 million people.

“China is putting pressure on international companies to abandon the use of Lithuanian components in their production. Otherwise, they may face import restrictions.  The EU is determined to act as one and act fast against measures in breach of WTO rules.” said Dombrovskis.

Lithuania’s Foreign Minister said in a statement “This step is a clear message to China that the EU will not tolerate politically motivated actions of economic coercion.”

The European Commission, which manages trade activities for EU members, has collected evidence of communist China’s economic bullying.  They have proof that Red China has refused to clear Lithuanian goods through customs, has rejected import applications from Lithuania, and has pressured European companies not to use components or products connected to Lithuania.  It should be noted that Lithuania has a population of 2.8 million while, communist China has 1.4 billion people.

Delta Air Lines Calls China’s New COVID Sanitation Rules Unreasonable

By John McPhaul, The Chicago Times

December 29, 2021

SEATTLE — According to Delta Air Lines, a Delta aircraft from Seattle enroute to Shanghai last week turned around midair due to a change in cleaning requirements at the Shanghai airport.

Delta said that if the plane had landed in Shanghai, the new restrictions would have created significant delays increasing ground time which is not viable for Delta operations.

According to FlightAware, nearly 2,300 flights throughout the country delayed or canceled over the past week due to personnel shortages and other challenges caused by the Omicron variety.

China is strictly enforcing its zero-Covid policy in the run-up to the Beijing Winter Olympics in February.  The repressive actions have forced residents of Xi’an in northwestern Shaanxi province, to live in lockdown.

Congress Bans Imports From China Tied To Slave Labor

By Harold W. Reid, The Chicago Times

December 20, 2021

WASHINGTON – On December 16, the U.S. Senate passed a bill banning imports from communist China’s Xinjiang region where communist leaders have allegedly implemented slave labor.

The bill is one of many measures passed to punish communist China’s alleged systematic racist abuse of ethnic and religious minorities.  There have been overwhelming reports from the Xinjiang region where the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs have been targeted by the communist government for reeducation, slave labor, and extermination.   The Biden administration recently issued new sanctions targeting several Chinese biotech and surveillance companies that have been implicated in the persecution of minorities in Xinjiang.

According to United States officials, China is systematically exterminating the Uyghur population via forced sterilization and harsh slave labor in the region’s detention camps.  Imported products from communist China suspected of benefiting from slave labor include raw cotton, tomato products, silicon and viscose, fishing gear and a range of components in solar energy.

“Many companies have already taken steps to clean up their supply chains. And, frankly, they should have no concerns about this law . . . For those who have not done that, they’ll no longer be able to continue to make Americans . . . unwitting accomplices in the atrocities, in the genocide,” Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said.

The bill will require government agencies to increase monitoring the use of slave labor and businesses will need to provide proof that their products are not made at the hands of slave labor.  In addition, the Commerce Department implemented penalties targeting China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences that focus on using biotechnology to support the communist Chinese military.

According to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, China “. . . is choosing to use these technologies to pursue control over its people and its repression of members of ethnic and religious minority groups.”

U.S. intelligence services have found evidence that communist China has implemented high-tech surveillance system across Xinjiang that utilizes biometric facial recognition and collected DNA samples from all citizens to control the population.  Some have found evidence that communist China is using the Xinjiang area as an experiment for a nationwide system of surveillance via communist China’s Social Credit System.

Communist China Pressures Germany’s Continental To Boycott Lithuania

by H. Haverstock and Douglas F. Roberts

December 17, 2021

BERLIN – According to unnamed Continental executives, communist China is urging German automaker Continental to cease using components manufactured in Lithuania over a diplomatic spat concerning Taiwan.

Communist China considers self-ruled democratic Taiwan to be its territory and severed diplomatic ties with Lithuania last month following Taiwan’s establishment of a representative office in Vilnius. Lithuania’s ruling coalition government also declared its commitment help “those struggling for freedom” on the island of Taiwan.

Continental, one of the world’s leading auto parts manufacturers, maintains production facilities in Lithuania and distributes electronic parts such as controllers for vehicle doors and seats to clients worldwide, including communist China.

Communist China’s foreign ministry denied that Beijing had persuaded international corporations not to utilize Lithuanian-made parts, but it did say that its firms no longer trusted Lithuania.

Communist China has exerted pressure on countries to downgrade or cut ties with democratically controlled Taiwan.  Earlier this month, a top official and an industry association said Communist China had urged global corporations to cut connections with Lithuania or risk being barred from entering the Chinese market.

Lithuania’s direct commerce with communist China is minimal, but its export-based economy is home to hundreds of enterprises that manufacture goods for international corporations that sell to communist China.