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SIMI VALLEY, May 4, 2021 — The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum recently deployed 350 fire fighting goats to help clear brush surrounding the campus to limit the threat of wildfire.

This is not the first-time goats have been used to create a firebreak between the surrounding nature area and the presidential library located in fire prone Southern California.  In 2019, the goats’ natural appetite for brush was credited with saving the facility and allowing firefighters space to effectively fight the raging wildfire.

A series of wildfires have ravaged California in recent years and unnamed sources in the US Forest Service indicated that simply clearing the dried brush and felled wood would help prevent these fires.  One source said:

“The debris lays there like fuel ready to burn all through the dry forest and open fields.  Many local counties in other states actively clear brush and conduct controlled burns to prevent wildfires.  I assure you clearing felled wood will not harm the forest, but rather save it.”

The Ronald Reagan Library & Museum is taking a great step forward by employing the goats to naturally alleviate the threats of wildfire.

Air Force One Pavilion, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum


U. S. Navy Office of Information

16 April 2021

WASHINGTON – The Navy’s newest Freedom-variant littoral combat ship, the future USS Oakland (LCS 24), will be commissioned at 10:00 a.m. PST on Saturday, April 17, 2021 in Oakland, California.

Due to public health and safety concerns related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the commissioning will be a private event. The ceremony will be live-streamed for those unable to attend. The following link will become active approximately five minutes prior to the event (9:55 a.m. PST): 

Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas W. Harker, will deliver the commissioning ceremony’s principal address. Ms. Kate Brandt, Google Sustainability Officer, is the ship’s sponsor. The ceremony will be highlighted by a time-honored Navy tradition when Ms. Brandt gives the order to “man our ship and bring her to life!”

Cmdr. Francisco X. Garza, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, is the ship’s commanding officer and leads a crew of 70 officers and enlisted personnel. The 3,200-ton Oakland was built by Austal USA/General Dynamics in Mobile, Alabama. The ship is 421 feet in length, has a beam of 103 feet, and a navigational draft of 15 feet. The ship is powered by two gas turbine engines, two main propulsion diesel engines, and four waterjets to reach speeds up to 40-plus knots.

“The USS Oakland crew is excited and ready to bring our ship to life and join the fleet,” said Garza. “We are privileged to be a part of this ship and embody the spirit of the people of Oakland. As plank owners and future crew members build a positive legacy for this ship, the city of Oakland will experience those successes with us.”

Oakland is the third ship to bear the name. She is the 12th Independence-variant LCS ship to join our battle force. The littoral combat ship is a fast, agile, focused-mission platform designed to operate in near-shore environments, while capable of open-ocean tasking and winning against 21st-century coastal threats such as submarines, mines, and swarming small craft. The LCS is capable of supporting forward presence, maritime security, sea control, and deterrence.

USS Oakland will be homeported at Naval Base San Diego, California.

For more news from Naval Surface Forces, visit DVIDS – Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, and Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet.

For additional information about the ship, visit USS Oakland (LCS 24).

U. S. Navy Office of Information


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Several House Democrats are set to unveil legislation Thursday to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

Supporters of the proposal plan to hold a news conference on the steps of the Supreme Court building. They include U.S. Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and U.S. Reps. Jerry Nadler and Mondaire Jones, both of New York, and Hank Johnson of Georgia.


FOX News File

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly ordered the execution of a top higher education official for “anti-party activities” — after he complained about not receiving support and resources from the government.


by Bernard P. Lawson, The Chicago Times

WASHINGTON, April 9, 2021 – President Biden will decree another executive order Friday to form a commission to pack the Supreme Court with up to 9 more Justices and forever balance the highest court in favor of the far-left.  This will forever end the system of checks and balances that has safe guarded democracy for generations.

A 36-member commission will be bipartisan on the surface and hold public meetings to recommend “reforms” to the court.  The “Court Packing” committee will have 180 days from their first meeting to finish a report that will most likely be in favor of slanting the Supreme Court towards the far-left.

Also, in Biden’s grab bag of changes includes the elimination of lifetime appointments for the justices.  Clearly Biden intends to subvert the court and make it dependent on political appointment and favoritism.

Biden’s White House lackeys stated the “commission” will “evaluate” the term length and turnover of justices on the Supreme Court.  Also, under the spotlight will be membership qualifications (most likely to conform to far-left standards), case selection, rules, and practices.  Whatever happened to the principle of co-equal branches of government?  Where is Justice Roberts?  Will he stand up to this assault on the branch of government he runs?

Biden blessed the appointment of two far-left liberal activists and former Obama officials to chair the committee: former White House Counsel Bob Bauer and Cristina Rodriguez, former Justice Department official and Justice O’Conner clerk.  So much for bipartisanship.  Surely opposing views on the committee will be silenced or cancelled by far-left bullies.

Biden, lacking memory recall, failed to remember his views in 1983 that packing the court was a “bonehead” idea and that he, running for president at the time, was “. . . not a fan of court packing.”

The formation of the committee stems from liberal tantrums over Trump’s appointment of a third justice to the high court.  Apparently far-left liberals just can’t stand it when the rules are not in their favor and must now “fix” the system to get their way.

Bernard Lawson, National Political Reporter/Columnist for The Chicago Times.  Views and comments expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Chicago Times.