Indiana House Passes Abortion Ban

By Harold W. Reid, The Chicago Times

August 5, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Indiana House passed a bill that would ban nearly all abortions in the state.  The bill will now head to the Indiana Senate for review.  The bill was passed 62-38 and would ban most abortions with limited exceptions, including rape and incest, and to protect the life and physical health of the mother.

If the bill is passed, Indiana wiill become the first state in the nation to pass new legislation restricting abortions since the US Supreme Court’s ruling in June that returned abortion laws to the states.  Friday’s passage came just one week after the Senate passed its version with similar measures.

Currently, Indiana abortion laws permit an abortion up to 22 weeks after the last menstrual period.

Indiana Police Officer Killed During Traffic Stop

by The Chicago Times Staff

August 1, 2022

ELWOOD, IN – An Indiana police officer was shot during a traffic stop on Sunday.

According to police, 24-year-old Noah Shahnavaz was shot while exiting his squad car while conducting a traffic stop early Sunday in Elwood, Indiana.  Shahnavaz was airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital where he later died.  Shahnavaz was on the job for 11 months and had previously served in the US Army.

Charges have been filed against 42-year-old Carl Roy Webb Boards II of Anderson, Indiana.  Boards is being held without bond at the Hamilton County Jail.

According to police, Boards allegedly shot Shahnavaz around 2 am Sunday near the intersection of State Road 37 and County Road 1100 N. in Madison County.  Allegedly, Boards fled the scene after the shooting and traveled into Hamilton County where police were able to conduct a pit stop maneuver on I-69 near State Road 37. 

Boards currently faces the following charges: murder, possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, resisting law enforcement.  Prosecutors may seek the death penalty.

Biden And Xi Talk To Ease Tensions And Promote Cooperation

By Bernard P. Lawson, The Chicago Times

July 28, 2022

WASHINGTON –  President Joe Biden’s call with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping will center on tensions facing both nations spanning from intellectual property thrift, espionage, to CCP silence on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a press conference, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said “There is an awful lot in the bilateral relationship between the United States and China for these two leaders to talk about the next few days.”

The meeting between Biden and Xi comes as the US Congress looks to pass the CHIPs act which will promote the US semiconductor industry with $52 billion in subsidies and tax credits to chip plants worth nearly $24 billion.  Many lawmakers and voters are waking up to the fact that China has virtually taken control of all manufacturing of vital products leaving the US homeland in a vulnerable position on the world stage.  Many on Capitol Hill are beginning to call for the return of manufacturing in the US or at least to countries that are true allies, not strategic enemies.

Photo: Reuters

New Mexico: Four Killed In Sheriff’s Department Helicopter Crash

By The Chicago Times Staff

July 17, 2022

LAS VEGAS, NM – Four people have been killed after a sheriff’s department helicopter crashed in New Mexico.

According to the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s, three sheriff’s personnel and one employee from the Bernalillo County Fire Department were on board the helicopter assisting in fighting nearby wildfires when the helicopter crashed Saturday night near the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

“There are no known survivors. These personnel were headed back to Albuquerque after assisting fire crews with the East Mesa fire,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Ukraine To Receive Advanced Surface-To-Air Missile System

By Harold W. Reid, The Chicago Times

July 3, 2022

WASHINGTON – The United States will send Ukraine two NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russian forces.

The Pentagon announced Friday that Ukraine will receive the advanced National/Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) system as part of the latest $820 million US assistance package.  The Pentagon will also include ammunition for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).  US military aid to Ukraine has reached the $7.6 billion mark since the Russian invasion in February.

“I am especially grateful today to the United States and to Biden personally for the package of support for Ukraine announced today, which includes very powerful NASAMS – an anti-aircraft missile system that will significantly strengthen our air defense. We have worked hard for these supplies.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a statement.

NASAMS is an Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile system that became operational in 1998 and has seen three successive generations.  Currently, NASAMS 3 was deployed in 2019 and is capable of launching AIM-9 Sidewinder and IRIS-T SLS short-range missiles, in addition to AMRAAM-ER extended-range missiles.

Monkey Pox Hits Indiana

By The Chicago Times Staff

June 19, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana health officials announced the state’s first probable case of Monkey Pox on Sunday.

According to the Indiana Department of Health, the alleged infected patient remains isolated while confirmatory testing at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is completed.  Health officials are diligently searching for anyone with whom the patient had contact while infectious.

“The risk of Monkey Pox among the general public continues to be extremely low.  Monkey Pox is rare and does not easily spread through brief casual contact. Please continue to take the same steps you do to protect against any infection, including washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, and check with a healthcare provider if you have any new signs or symptoms.” said Indiana Health Commissioner Dr. Kris Box.

Monkey Pox is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact with body fluids, Monkey Pox sores or contaminated items touching a person, or exposure to respiratory droplets during prolonged contact.

Symptoms include a fever, headache, chills, muscle aches and exhaustion about five to 21 days after exposure.  A rash will develop and spread across the body one to three days after a fever arrives.

Monkey Pox will lasts for about two to four weeks, IDOH noted. Patients are considered infectious until all scabs have fallen off.

According to the CDC, there are currently 113 Monkey Pox cases confirmed in the United States so far.