17-Year-Old Arrested For Shooting Ex-CPD Superintendent With Paintball Gun

By The Chicago Times Staff

June 10, 2022

CHICAGO – A teen has been charged for shooting former Chicago Police Department superintendent.

According to CPD, the teen has been charged with one count of aggravated battery on a person older than 60-years-of-age.

Police reports indicate that on Sunday evening the teen allegedly shot ex-CPD superintendent Terry Hillard, 78, in the chest with a paintball gun in the Chatham neighborhood.

Hillard later said he was not seriously wounded in the attack.  Hillard served as superintendent from 1998-2003.

Man Robs Bank In Joliet Armed With Knife

By The Chicago Times Staff

June 9, 2022

JOLIET, IL – A bank in Joliet was robbed Thursday by a man armed with a knife.

According to police, at 10:45 pm officers were called to a possible armed robbery at Heartland Bank and Trust located at 5650 Caton Farm Road.

Police reports indicate that a suspect entered the bank armed with a knife and shouted it was a robbery.

Witnesses described the suspect as a white male wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

Joliet police did not disclose how much money was taken and said the robbery is now under investigation by the FBI

Federal Government Seeks Two Year Sentence For Disgraced Former Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson

By Edward LaSalle, The Chicago Times

June 8, 2022

CHICAGO – Federal prosecutors are pressing hard for a two-year prison sentence for former Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson (D) for cheating on his taxes and lying to federal regulators.

In response, Thompson’s defense team has requested probation due to Thompson’s disbarment and forced resignation from the Chicago City Council.

On February 14, 2022, Thompson was found guilty on two counts of making false statements to the FDIC and five counts of filing false income-tax returns.  Thompson’s sentencing is set for July 6.  Both sentencing recommendations will be decided by U.S. District Judge Franklin Valderrama.

According to prosecutors, Thompson’s “criminal conduct was repetitive and willful.  The defendant’s dishonesty was not a single lapse of judgment, but rather, involved years of deceit. He simply thought he could get away with paying less than what he owed. The sentence imposed must show otherwise.”

Thompson’s attorney, Chris Gair, argued that Thompson has “suffered tremendous public humiliation as a result of his conviction.  He has had to give up his law license and his position in public service,” Gair wrote. “He has lost his job and his career. He has lost most of his life savings defending himself. He has lost his cherished right to vote. He has lost his right to possess a firearm. And he will suffer significant restrictions on his liberty as a result of being on probation.”

Thompson is the grandson of the late Mayor Richard J. Daley (D) and the nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley (D).

Naperville Axe Man Identified

By T. C. Mayfield, The Chicago Times

June 8, 2022

NAPERVILLE, IL – The DuPage County coroner has released the name of a man shot and killed by a Naperville police officer.

Edward C. Samaan, 28, of Naperville was caught on video charging an officer with a hatchet while the officer was conducting a traffic stop on June 3.

According to police, a Naperville police officer was conducting a traffic stop around 11 am June 3 near the intersection of Bond Street and McDowell Road when, without warning, Samaan allegedly exited another vehicle with a hatchet and charged the officer with the intent to butcher him to death.

The officer shot Samaan who was then pronounce dead at an area hospital.  The officer was not injured in the incident.

Texas AG To Investigate Twitter For Possible Deceptive Trade Practices

By Willard Hughes, The Chicago Times

June 8, 2022

AUSTIN, TX – Texas Attorney General to launch investigation into Twitter for possible deceptive trade practices as Elon Musk attempts to purchase the social media company.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that his office is investigating Twitter for potential false reporting of bots on its social media platform.  Elon Musk has threatened to walk away from his $44 billion bid for Twitter because the company has refused to disclose how many bots and fake accounts are on the platform.

Twitter’s stock price has dropped 40% since Musk’s announced his takeover bid in April.  Shareholders have filed suit against Musk as shares have continued to decline.  Twitter is currently trading in the $40 range.

Paxton’s investigation will seek to reveal if Twitter violated Texas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act.  Paxton points out that Twitter disclosed in SEC documents that fewer than 5% of all accounts are bots, however Paxton suspects that 20% or more could be bots or fake accounts.  Twitter currently has 229 million accounts.  Paxton has given Twitter until June 27 to disclose how they calculate and manage user data.

“The difference could dramatically affect the cost to Texas consumers and businesses who transact with Twitter” Paxton said in a statement.

Lightfoot Announces Re-Election Campaign

By James R. Scott, The Chicago Times

June 7, 2022

CHICAGO – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Tuesday she will seek re-election.

Lightfoot will face a crowded field of other candidates looking to occupy the Fifth Floor of City Hall.  Alderman Roderick Sawyer, the son of former Mayor Eugene Sawyer, is the latest candidate to throw his hat in the ring along with the likes of the respected businessman Willie Wilson, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools Paul Vallas, State Rep. Kam Buckner (D), and Alderman Raymond Lopez.

Lightfoot has faced unprecedented criticism over the high crime that has infested Chicago Streets.  Lightfoot recently called out the Cook County State’s Attorney for being soft on crime.

“Of course there are tough challenges ahead. We have a lot of work to do, because change just doesn’t happen overnight.  But together, we will make our city safer, fairer, and more equitable for all. Now, let’s get back to work.” Lightfoot said in a statement.

Candidate State Rep. Buckner said in a statement “Mayor Lightfoot has proven to be utterly ill-equipped to lead Chicago. Carjackings and violence are at record highs, economic disinvestment is drying up our neighborhoods, our schools are under-resourced, our police department is over-extended and under-staffed. Instead of a public safety plan, she’s raised bridges, put up barricades and demanded curfews. Yesterday, three years too late, she announced a single piecemeal public safety measure, which is once again not part of any strategic vision for making Chicagoans safer.”