Founded in 1925 by C. B. Coopersmith as an independent newspaper where journalists, columnists, and writers could publish without influence from stakeholders and advertisers.  The Chicago Times has no affiliation with the previously published newspaper Chicago Times (1854-1895).  J. B. Comstock, current publisher and great-grandson of C. B. Coopersmith, continues the traditions of The Chicago Times as a place for honest reporting and home for all journalists, columnists, writers, and our readers.  The Chicago Times does not endorse political candidates.

The Chicago Times Staff

J. B. Comstock – Publisher

L. J. Cobb – Editor-in-Chief

P. J. McNeal – Reporter-At-Large, Columnist, Senior Editor

G. G. Reynolds – Senior Editor

James McGuire – Senior Editor

John McPhaul – Senior Editor, Business

L. Jefferies – Senior Photographer

J. J. Quincannon – Chicago Beat Reporter

James R. Scott – Chicago Beat Reporter

T. C. Mayfield – Suburban Beat Reporter

Sloan T. Wilson — Business Reporter

Bobby Fleet – Entertainment Reporter

Frank T. Slawson – Sports Reporter

H. Haverstock – Foreign Correspondent

Frank Conklin – Illinois Political Reporter

Bernard P. Lawson – National Political Reporter

Vito Lucia – Obituary Reporter

Arthur D. B. Lake – Architectural Reporter

Bunko Dolus – Court Jester Reporter

D. W. Travers – Society Reporter

Cooking with Anatole – Food & Wine Contributor

Olim Hodie – Art & History Contributor

B. Greenwald – General Counsel