Mayor Johnson Signs First Executive Orders

By James R Scott, The Chicago Times

May 16, 2023

CHICAGO – Newly sworn in Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson got right down to business on Monday by signing his first executive orders to usher in the new regime.  Johnson’s first four executive orders created new deputy mayors and bolstered his control over the Chicago Police Department.

“As your Mayor, it’s my duty to take bold, immediate action to build a better, stronger, safer Chicago,” said Mayor Johnson in a press release. “My first executive orders as Mayor of Chicago instruct our government to boost youth employment, so all young Chicagoans can reach their potential across our city, in addition to re-organizing the work of the Deputy Mayors to ensure that my cabinet reflects our top priorities for achieving community safety, supporting new arrivals, and protecting and expanding the right to organize. Together, we will collaborate to build a stronger city for all of us.”  

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson signs his first four executive orders. Photo: Mayor Brandon Johnson, Facebook.

Under Johnson’s Executive Order 2023-15, the Office of Budget and Management will be required to prepare an analysis of all resources in the City’s FY2023 budget that can be used to fund youth employment and enrichment programs, including any state, county, or federal funds.  The executive order also instructs the Deputy Mayor of Education and Health and Human Services to lead all city departments and agencies in identifying additional entry-level jobs that would be suitable for young people.  The order also encourages collaboration between the City, corporations, and nonprofits to  work with area schools to offer summer internships and service credit programs.

Johnson’s Executive Order 2023-16, establishes a Deputy Mayor for immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Rights that will be responsible for the coordination and communication between all applicable City departments and officials related to the City’s efforts to support newly arrived and established immigrants, refugees, and migrants. 

Executive Order 2023-17 creates a Deputy Mayor for Community Safety calls on the new office to focus on eradicating the root causes of crime and violence and advance a comprehensive, healing-centered approach to community safety. In addition, the executive order re-affirms the Mayor’s direct supervision of the Police Superintendent, ensuring that the Johnson administration can immediately begin work on the multiple public safety initiatives in Johnson’s “Day One Plan for Public Safety.”

Johnson’s Executive Order 2023-18, establishes a Deputy Mayor for Labor Relations that will allow coordination to develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of Chicago, in addition to improving working conditions, advancing new job opportunities for employment, and protecting workers’ rights.