Chicago Police to Increase Presence to Counter Summer Violence

By James Malone, The Chicago Times

May 5, 2023

CHICAGO – Chicago police have announced plans to increase their street presence in an effort to counter summer violence and potential riots.

In response to years of unruly behavior during the summer months in Chicago and weeks after hundreds of teenagers terrorized citizens and tourists downtown, Chicago police hope their safety plan will deter further mob rule and violence in the streets.

The Chicago Police Department, the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, and the Chicago Fire Department announced a detailed plan on Friday in which additional resources will be in place at all times in downtown Chicago.  It was also reported that Police captains and executive members will be leading platoons to smooth out communications between leadership and front line officers.  In addition, CPD will have a visible presence near Millennium Park, which a marauding mob of teenagers attempted to occupy on a Saturday night several weeks ago, and will also be checking bags at beaches and the lakefront.