Communist China to Further Restrict Democracy in Hong Kong 

By Douglas F. Roberts, The Chicago Times

May 3, 2023

HONG KONG – Hong Kong’s pro-communist leader moved to strengthen Beijing’s plan to end democratic government in Hong Kong by unveiling a scheme to eliminate directly elected seats on local district councils.

John Lee, Chief Executive and communist puppet, believes the proposed elimination will reduce the proportion of directly elected seats at the municipal-level to 20% from the current 90%.  Critics and defenders of democracy see this as one of the final steps in Beijing’s communist takeover of the former British colony, which was once a beacon of freedom in the region.

John Lee with president and communist dictator Xi Jinping of China

Interviewing citizens of Hong Kong, who now wish to be anonymous, have said dark times are here and seeing their freedoms eliminated year by year since the British exit back in 1997 is becoming untenable.  Many citizens are still looking to leave before they are not allowed to exit.  As a reminder to our readers, communism has resulted in about 80 to 100 million deaths around the world.  Communism is based on absolute control over individual freedom, and since individual freedom is hard to suppress, it becomes necessary for communist governments to exterminate individuals who dare to live free.  Just ask those who witnessed the Tienanmen Square Massacre back in 1989.

Lee said 470 seats will be filled by government appointees and others “elected” by local committees that are backed by Beijing.  It should be noted that Communist China is a one party state with a brutal history of suppressing decent, freedom of thought, and freedom of speech.  If the citizens of Hong Kong wanted to live like the oppressed of Red China, why does the government feel the need to reduce directly elected seats that represent the people?  If Chinese communism is so great, why does the CCP fear free elections and allowing other political parties to take part in the government?