Bolingbrook Man Found Guilty of Stabbing Man Involved with Ex-Girl Friend

By T.C. Mayfield, The Chicago Times

April 28, 2023

BOLINGBROOK, IL – A Bolingbrook man has been found guilty for the stabbing of a man involved with his ex-girlfriend. 

Prosecutors said 37-year-old Ivan Atilano was found guilty of attempted murder, home invasion, residential burglary, aggravated battery, criminal trespass, and domestic battery.

According to police, on Sep 22, 2022, an enraged Atilano hunted down his ex-girlfriend, Tatiana Guzman, who was staying the night at the residence of Felix Lopez.  Police said Guzman heard noises in the backyard and went outside to investigate around 12 am.  It is alleged that Atilano was standing in the yard and demanded Guzman to speak with him.  Guzman refused which further enraged Atilano who then violently pushed Guzman down a flight of stairs.

It alleged that Atilano then illegally entered the residence and attacked Lopez.  It is further alleged that while Lopez was on the ground, Atilano took out a knife and stabbed him multiple times in a fit of madness.

During the brutal stabbing, Lopez’s sister ran out of her bedroom to see what was wrong.  Atilano then allegedly ran up the stairs and exited the residence.

When police arrived on scene, they discovered Lopez in the basement with multiple stab wounds.

Atilano is a known criminal with a prior felony conviction in 2009 for possession of a stolen motor vehicle. 

Atilano is expected to be sentenced on June 27.