Post Office Averages 2.5 Days to Deliver in Second Quarter

By Sumner Jacobs, The Chicago Times

April 8, 2023

WASHINGTON – The United States Postal Service reported on Friday that delivery performance metrics for the 13th week of the second quarter (FY 2023) was consistent or improved across all mail categories.  USPS claims that mail or package deliveries across the nation remained at an average of 2.5 days.

According to USPS the second quarter service performance scores covered Jan 1 through Mar 31, included:

  • First-Class Mail: 91.0% of First-Class Mail delivered on time.
  • Marketing Mail: 94.6% of Marketing Mail delivered on time.
  • Periodicals: 86.6% of Periodicals delivered on time.

USPS also said that 97% of the nation’s population receives their mail in less than three days.  For the last ten years, USPS has been working to improve performance under their Delivering for America plan to achieve “sustainability” and service excellence, which calls for all deliveries to meet or exceed 95% for on-time service performance for all mail and shipping products once the  plan is completed.  USPS claims that service performance is defined as the time it takes to deliver a mail or package from its acceptance into the postal system through its delivery, as measured against published service standards.