DeKalb Man Jailed for Robbery of a Bank and Fast Food Establishment

By David Slavik, The Chicago Times

April 8, 2023

ROCKFORD, IL – A DeKalb man was handed nearly eight years in prison Thursday for his part in a robbery of a DeKalb area restaurant and a Sycamore area bank.

A US District judge sentenced Kevin Hagemeier, 26, to nearly eight and a half years in prison.  Hagemeier pleaded guilty in December of 2022 to two counts of Hobbs Act Robbery.   

According to Hagemeier’s guilty plea, he entered a Dekalb area Jimmy John’s and presented a note to the employee stating:

“This Is A Robbery I have a gun in my waist Don’t make me use it and You’ll be able to go home.  Give me all the money in the drawer or else some bad thing may happen.” 

After receiving the money from the employee, Hagemeier entered a car driven by an accomplice and left the scene of the robbery.  A couple days later, Hagemeier entered Heartland Bank in Sycamore with a similar note stating:

“I have a weapon. Get $1,400 out of your drawer and give it to me. If I think you told someone or pushed a button, people will get hurt.”  

After receiving the money from the bank teller, Hagemeier left with the same accomplice from the Jimmy John’s robbery. 

Hagemeier is also a registered sex offender.