Amazon to End Free Grocery Delivery on Prime Orders Under $150

By Brooks M. Deering, The Chicago Times

January 28, 2023

SEATTLE – Bad news for Prime grocery members as Amazon announces that it will end free grocery delivery for orders under $150.

In an email, Amazon said Prime members who use Amazon Fresh will be charged $3.95 to $9.95 for orders under $150 starting February 28.

Prime members currently pay $139 a year for faster shipping and other Prime perks which currently include free shipping on grocery deliveries for orders above $35.  According to Amazon, the new Amazon Fresh delivery charge will be $3.95 for orders between $100-$150, $6.95 for orders of $50 to $100, and $9.95 for orders under $50.

“We’re introducing a service fee on some Amazon Fresh delivery orders to help keep prices low in our online and physical grocery stores as we better cover grocery delivery costs and continue to enable offering a consistent, fast, and high-quality delivery experience,” Amazon spokesperson Lara Hendrickson said in a statement.

Amazon recently announced that it will lay off 18,000 workers in an effort to cut costs during this inflationary period.