Communist China Suspends Social Media Accounts of Covid Critics

By Douglas F. Roberts, The Chicago Times

January 08, 2023

BEIJING – Communist China has suspended the social media accounts of some 1,200 critics of the government’s policies on the Covid-19 outbreak.

In true communist fashion, the suppression of freedom of speech and thought was carried out by the popular Sina Weibo social media platform which said it suspended or closed the accounts on the orders of CCP officials.  Sina Weibo also said the Communist crackdown on freedom of thought was the result of about 13,000 “violations” that involved opinions on experts, scholars, and medical workers.  Historically, the CCP severely limits free speech and punishes critics of the government and its policies.

CCP Dictator Xi Jinping

Over the past two years, the CCP used medical experts to “justify” brutal Covid lockdowns, some of which caused the death of apartment dwellers in China’s Xinjiang province after a fire.  According to officials, residents were trapped in their buildings, some with doors welded shut to enforce the lockdown.

Sina Weibo siad it will increase its “clean-up” of “illegal content” in order to create a “harmonious” community environment for users.  For as long as I have been reporting on China, the word “harmonious” often means less freedom and more punishment.

Much of the criticism by everyday Chinese citizens has been focused on never ending travel restrictions, home confinement, and lack of access to adequate food and medical care.  In the face of recent riots over lockdowns, China has started to reduce restrictions which has now led to an increase in Covid cases just as the Lunar New Year arrives. 

Despite the rising cases, Chinese citizens striving for individual freedom need an outlet to express their thoughts freely against the brutal CCP which feels so insecure about its hold on power that it needs to suppress and control every aspect of life.  CCP members claim they are always working for the people, yet more and more it seems they are only clinging to power to serve themselves and ensure the CCP survives no matter the cost to human life and freedom.