Chicago Man Out On Parole Murders Three People

By Edward LaSalle, The Chicago Times

December 14, 2022

CHICAGO – A man who was out on parole has been charged in the murder of three people, the wounding of another, and the kidnapping of a woman at a Portage Park bar last Sunday.

Samuel Parsons-Salas

Prosecutors said 32-year-old Samuel Parsons-Salas, of Chicago, has been charged with three felony counts of first-degree murder, one felony count of attempted first-degree murder, and one felony count of kidnapping.  Prosecutors added that Parsons-Salas is a convicted felon out on patrol.

According to Chicago police, the shooting occurred around 2:30 am on Sunday during a birthday party for the niece of the bar’s owner.  Parsons-Salas was allegedly invited to the birthday party but was later asked to leave.  Once exiting the bar, video surveillance shows Parsons-Salas retrieving an alleged firearm.  Parsons-Salas then allegedly re-entered the bar where a fight ensued followed by the shootings.

Police said 50-year-old Ricky Vera was shot to death along with 26-year-old Mario Pozuelos and 24-year-old Mercedes Tavares.  The unnamed niece was seriously wounded in the head and is listed in critical condition at an area hospital.  Police said Vera and Pozuelos were shot in the head and torso and pronounced dead at the scene.  Tavares was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

After the shooting, Parsons-Salas allegedly fled in a dark-colored SUV containing a woman that claimed she was held against her will, leading to a charge of kidnapping against Parson-Salas.

Parsons-Salas was arrested Monday and was charged Tuesday in the fatal shooting and kidnapping.