United Nations: Russia And Ukraine Torture POWs

By Roger K. Mason, The Chicago Times

November 24, 2022

NEW YORK – The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights announced that it has documented patterns of Russian torture and abuse of POWs in Ukraine as well as violations by Ukraine in caring for POWs.

OHCHR said it has identified “gross violations” of international human rights law committed by Russian forces and Russian linked mercenaries.  One such violation includes the brutal execution of a POW during an interrogation session with Russian forces.

“For example, several Russian servicemen forced two wounded Ukrainian servicemen with broken legs to crawl about 500 meters to the closest Russian position, filmed them and posted the videos online,” the United Nations OHCHR released in a statement. “The most widespread forms of torture or ill-treatment were beatings by hand, batons or wooden hammers, and kicks to various parts of the body, but usually avoiding the head and other vital areas. Electric shocks were also used, both with tasers and the TAPik field military telephone TA-57.”

OHCHR said it also documented cases of torture or ill-treatment by Ukrainian forces against captured Russian POWs.  OHCHR revealed that Ukrainian forces used physical violence towards Russian POWs, including punching, kicking, stabbings, and electrical shock.

OHCHR officials said they have interviewed 159 POWs held by the Russians and 175 POWs held by Ukraine.  Both belligerents have signed the Third Geneva Convention which obligates belligerents to treat all POWs in a human manner.