Chicago: Bail Reduced For Pregnant Woman Charged With Murder

By P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

November 3, 2022

CHICAGO – Bail for a pregnant woman accused of murder was reduced by a Cook County judge on Thursday so she won’t give birth to her baby in prison.

The ruling will release Keshia Golden, charged with first degree murder, on her own recognizance with out having to post bail money.  According to a 2019 Illinois law, the state cannot jail pregnant women unless they pose a threat to the community.

Golden was originally held on a $2 million bond after a hearing on October 25.  Prosecutors have promised that they will not reduce charges against Golden.

33-year-old Golden, who is eight months pregnant, is charged in the fatal stabbing of her boyfriend Calvin Sideny just hours after her baby shower last month.  According to prosecutors, Golden and Sidney had a heated argument before the stabbing in their Austin apartment.  It is alleged that Sidney was stabbed as a result of the couple arguing over who could use the microwave to reheat food.

Prosecutors claim Sidney shoved Golden into the kitchen counter and then went into their bedroom.  Although family were present, Golden allegedly grabbed a knife and hunted Sidney down in the bedroom.  Sidney was stabbed in the thigh slicing open a blood spurting artery which led to his death.

Golden’s attorney, Julie Koehler, claims that 29-year-old Sidney dragged Golden by the roots of her hair into the bedroom and she stabbed Sidney in self-defense after family members failed to intervene.

According to police, Golden made more than 50 reports of abuse by Sideny.  Koehler also disclosed that Sidney allegedly abused another woman, now living in Wisconsin, who is the mother of his estranged children.

Golden will reportedly reside with her sister for the remainder of her pregnancy.