Putin Airstrikes Aim To Impose Brutal Winter On Ukraine

By H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

October 19, 2022

KIEV – Russian forces have expanded air operations against Ukraine on Tuesday with punitive strikes on key energy and water supplies, which may put hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians at risk for a brutal and deadly winter.

The Ukrainian government announced that nearly one-third of Ukraine’s power stations have been destroyed in the past week by Russian air strikes.

Russia has adopted the strategy of crushing the morale of the Ukrainian poplace with repeated air strikes on key power stations and vital infrastructure just as winter begins to blanket the region.  Although pilotless, so-called “Kamikaze” drone aircraft have struck Kiev and other targets in Ukraine along with repeated missile strikes.

However, Ukrainian forces are gnawing at the heels of Russian ground forces in eastern Ukraine.  Even Russian General Sergei Surovikin, recently appointed the Area of Operations commander, has admitted that things remain “very difficult” in the southeast region and he expects a new offensive by Ukrainian forces in the coming weeks.

It was revealed that Iran is supplying Shahed drones to Russia for use in Ukraine.  The use of these drones places Russia, who has denied their use, in possible violation of the 2015 controversial UN endorsed nuclear deal with Iran.

The Ukrainian government has urged western and NATO countries to supply them with sophisticated air defense systems to counter the new Russian air offensive.