French Government Orders Striking Fuel Refinery Employees To End Strike

By Willard W. Hughes, The Chicago Times

October 12, 2022

PARIS – The French government announced it will order striking refinery workers back to work after fuel shortages threaten France’s national security.

Union workers at an ExxonMobil Esso France fuel depot have been on strike for weeks which has led to fuel shortages, social tensions, and poses a threat to the French nation’s survival as winter looms.

France’s energy ministry has invoked their right to requisition refineries in order to force workers, particularly union workers that threaten the survival of the nation, back to work.  According to French law, workers that refuse to work during the requisition period could be fined or imprisoned.

The instigator of the strike is the far left General Confederation of Labour union, which has forced its members to remain on strike at the Normandy based Gravenchon-Port Jerome fuel depot, despite an agreement between management and other unions.  

The General Confederation of Labour union plans to challenge the government’s requisition order.