Toyota Announces Possible Leak Of Customer Data

By Jeff L. Tucker, The Chicago Times

October 8, 2022

TOYOTA, JAPAN – Toyota Motor Corporation announced Friday that nearly 296,000 pieces of customer data has been leaked from its T-Connect service.

Toyota revealed that 296,019 email addresses and customer numbers of those using the company’s telematics service T-Connect, which connects vehicles via a network, may have been leaked.  It is estimated that affected customers are those who signed up to the service’s website using their email addresses since July 2017.

Toyota did say that third party access could not be confirmed during a recent investigation of the data server, but did confirm that third party access “could not be completely ruled out.”  To ease nerves, Toyota added that customer’s sensitive personal information was not leaked.  However, the leaked emails and numbers could lead to spamming and phishing scams for affected customers.