Chicago: Lori “Sanctuary” Lightfoot Kicks Migrants Out To Suburbs

By Edward La Salle, The Chicago Times Staff

September 8, 2022

CHICAGO, IL – Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office has confirmed that nearly 300 migrants have been bussed to Chicago from Texas.  Despite Lightfoot’s claim that Chicago is a sanctuary for migrants, city officials have admitted that nearly 70 of them have been booted out to the suburbs.

According to a source on the 5th floor, nearly 70 migrants were forced to spend the night at a Hampton Inn located in suburban Burr Ridge.  Burr Ridge and other suburban leaders claimed that the migrants were dropped off without any warning or time to prepare.  It is expected that the migrants will be forced to stay in that location for 30 days, despite Lightfoot’s “sincere” promise that Chicago is “. . .  a welcoming city,” and that “. . . we are always going to step up and do the right thing to make sure that migrants coming into our city are well received, that they’re supported.” 

It is estimated that a majority of the migrants are from Colombia, Peru, or possibly Venezuela.  According to officials, most of the migrants have refugee status and were “screened” by the Chicago Health Department.

The Illinois Department of Human Services expects further shipments of migrants from Texas over the next few weeks.  It is unclear if Lightfoot will provide sanctuary for these migrants or throw them out to the suburbs which lack the financial means to properly care for these migrants that seek freedom from the petty socialist dictatorships they left.