Naperville: Man charged In Violent Home Invasion

By Kathy Whitaker, The Chicago Times

August 9, 2022

NAPERVILLE, IL –  A man who was out on probation was charged after he allegedly broke into a Naperville residence where his ex-girlfriend was visiting and violently attacked residents.

According to prosecutors, on Saturday at 4:00 am,  24-year-old Adam Stone, of Chicago, allegedly broke into a residence on Smokey Court in Naperville where his ex-girlfriend was visiting.  Stone supposedly broke a basement window and entered the residence without permission and then attacked several of the occupants as they attempted to force him out of the residence.

When Stone was finally thrown out of the residence, he allegedly threw a brick through the windows of two vehicles owned by the victims.

Stone has been charged with home invasion causing injury and three counts of criminal damage to property.

Stone is expected in court on Friday.

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