Lake In The Hills Not To Fine UpRising Bakery For Code Violations

By H. Douglas, The Chicago Times

August 5, 2022

LAKE IN THE HILLS, IL – Lake in the Hills made an agreement with a local bakery to allow the hosting of events after threatening to fine the business due to zoning laws.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, the agreement allows UpRising Bakery and Cafe to reschedule the “drag brunch” that was canceled after the establishment was vandalized.  Lake in the HIlls has also allowed UpRising to hold other events in the future.

Lake in the Hills officials had first threatened to fine UpRising since entertainment events were considered a violation of zoning laws and would cite the business with multiple code violations.

“We are elated to have come to a mutual agreement with the Village of Lake in the Hills,” the owner of UpRising Bakery said in an ACLU statement.

In July, UpRising planned to host a “drag brunch” designed for juveniles.  The announcement of the event caused an outlash from members of the public.  UpRising received multiple insults, threats, and vandalism which caused the event to be canceled.

Lake in the Hills later threatened to fine UpRising $750 per day and suspend business and liquor licenses after they received complaints from angry citizens in addition to the event being considered a violation of zoning laws.

According to UpRising, past community events held at the bakery never brought this much pressure nor threats of fines from Lake in the Hills.  The ACLU accused Lake in the Hills of violating UpRising’s rights and being retaliatory in their actions.

“Today’s agreement ensures an equitable and fair resolution moving forward, and recognizes that violent extremists cannot dictate the discussion in our society,” Kevin Fee, an ACLU attorney said in a statement.