Evanston: Teen Found Intoxicated With Loaded Handgun

By Ann Nguyen, The Chicago Times

August 4, 2022

EVANSTON, IL – A teen was arrested Monday after allegedly being intoxicated and in possession of a loaded firearm.

According to police, officers responded to a call of a male passed out in the Tot Lot located at Clyde-Brummel Park around 10:45 am.  On scene, officers discovered a 17-year-old male that appeared to be under the influence and unresponsive.

In an effort to identify the teen, officers searched his belongings which led to the discovery of a loaded firearm.

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene and were able to awaken the teen who then identified himself to police.  The teen was later treated and taken into custody for unlawful use of a firearm.