Cook County State’s Attorney: Assistant Prosecutor Resigns, Blames Foxx’s Mismanagement

by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

July 30, 2022

CHICAGO – An assistant Cook County State’s Attorney abruptly resigns and accuses Foxx in an office wide resignation letter of pushing a political agenda rather than focusing on crime.

Jim Murphy III, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney resigned after a successful 25 year career.  Murphy announced his retirement on July 29 and wrote in a letter:

“How many mass shootings do there have to be before something is done? This Administration is more concerned with political narratives and agendas than with victims and prosecuting violent crime. That is why I can’t stay any longer.”

“I wish I could stay. I would love to continue to fight for the victims of crime and to continue to stand with each of you, especially in the face of the overwhelming crime that is crippling our communities. However, I can no longer work for this Administration. I have zero confidence in their leadership. I am going to look elsewhere for opportunities to make a difference. In addition to saying goodbye to all of you, I wanted to explain some of my reasons for leaving.”

Murphy listed several reasons for his resignation ranging from insufficient staffing to concern over headlines at the expense of victims.

“This Administration routinely claims that they have shifted their focus from prosecuting low level crimes so that they can focus their resources on fighting violent crime and drivers of violence. This is simply not true. If this Administration was truly concerned with effectively fighting violent crime, then they would fully staff those courtrooms and Units. Not create more useless policy positions on the Executive Staff at the expense of hiring more ASAs who can work in the trenches. Meanwhile, the rest of us are overworked, overstressed, and under-resourced. But at least we were allowed to wear jeans in July. Well, those of us not working in courtrooms. That move illustrates how tone-deaf this Administration is. They simply don’t care about the well-being of the ASAs on the front lines.”

Foxx’s office declined to comment on the letter.