Communist North Korea Conducts Artillery Fire Drills

By Douglas F. Roberts, The Chicago Times

July 11, 2022

SEOUL – South Korea claims communist North Korea may have conducted artillery firing drills in response to the deployment of an advanced fighter jet by the United States to South Korea in a joint training exercise.

According to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, defense forces detected “multiple trajectories” presumed to be North Korean artillery on Sunday afternoon.

“Our military spotted flight trajectories that are suspected to be North Korea’s multiple rocket launchers from around 18:21 to 18:37 pm today.  Our military has strengthened surveillance and vigilance and maintained a thorough readiness posture while keeping close US-South Korea cooperation,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

South Korea’s defense forces said the suspected artillery fire occurred off the communist North’s west coast.  Kim Sung-han, South Korea’s National Security Advisor said his office monitors launches by the communist North on a regular basis.

Currently, communist North Korea has conducted massive weapons test and is suspected of preparing to resume underground nuclear weapons tests after a 5-year hiatus.  Even more alarming is communist North Korea’s test launch of a nuclear-capable missile that can reach the US mainland and allies.

The US and South Korean governments have repeatedly said they have no intention of invading or attacking communist North Korea, which invaded South Korea in June of 1950 along with help from communist China.  By 1953, communist aggression had caused the death 170,927 allied troops with 32,585 declared missing in action.  Since an armistice was signed in June of 1953 without a formal peace treaty, communist North Korea is technically still at war with South Korea and allied forces.