Wheels Falling Off: Toyota Recalls First Production Electric Car and Tundra Series

By Jeff L. Tucker, The Chicago Times

June 27, 2022

PLANO, TX – Auto giant Toyota has issued recalls for its first production electric car and Tundra series pickup trucks for problems in which nuts or bolts can become lose causing wheels or axles to disconnect.

On Thursday, Toyota Motor Sales USA issued a warning to owners of BZ4X model electric SUVs to stop driving them immediately because the wheels might fall off. The recall applies to all units sold in the North American market.  According to Toyota, bolts that hold the wheels on can loosen after even a few miles on the road.

Toyota dealers have been ordered to pick up customers’ BZ4X models and return them to the dealership.  Toyota will provide free loaner vehicles to customers.

The BZ4X, a joint project with Subaru, is Toyota’s first production battery-powered electric vehicle that is not based on a gasoline powered model.

In an unrelated recall, Toyota announced a recall for nearly 46,000 2022 Toyota Tundra full-size pickups due to similar assembly issues.  Toyota reported that nuts on the rear axle assembly can loosen causing an axle sub-assembly to become disconnected.

Toyota has ordered dealers to inspect and retighten the nuts and replace parts free of charge to customers. Toyota has not ordered customers to stop driving 2022 Tundra trucks.