Aurora Criminal Found Guilty In Brutal Beating Of Baby Girl

By T. C. Mayfield, The Chicago Times

June 15, 2022

AURORA, IL – An Aurora man was found guilty Tuesday for savagely beating an infant girl after asking his girlfriend if he was the father.

Court documents revealed that on January 10, 2021, an intoxicated and volatile Brain Clemente was home with his girlfriend and their two children in Aurora when he discovered that his girlfriend was having an affair with another man.

Clemente, 28, became enraged over the affair and screamed insults at his girlfriend and forcefully asked her if he was the father of their 2-month-old daughter.

According to prosecutors, when Clemente’s girlfriend went to bed, he stormed into the infant’s bedroom and proceeded to beat and kick her without mercy.

The infant was taken to an area hospital where she remains and it unclear if she will fully recover from Clemente’s actions while under the influence of alcohol and rage.

The criminal, Clemente, waived his right to a jury trial, leaving Judge John A. Barsanti to find him guilty of aggravated battery to a child causing great bodily harm and aggravated domestic battery causing great bodily harm.

Clemente, the criminal, faces 30 years in jail and is scheduled to be sentenced on July 21.