Algeria To Sever Trade With Spain

By W. Spencer, The Chicago Times

June 10, 2022

ALGIERS – North African nation Algeria announced suspension trade with Spain over status of Western Sahara.

Algerian government officials made the trade suspension announcement one day after they tore up a 20-year-old “friendship” treaty with Spain which committed both nations to cooperation in controlling migration.  The suspension of trade included exports of products and services.  Algeria has also suspended imports from Spain.

The dispute over Western Sahara has been fuming for some time between Algeria, Spain, and Morocco.  Spain dominated Western Sahara as a colonial power until 1975 when the region was annexed by Morocco.  Algeria has supported an independent Western Sahara and has backed the Polisario movement which seeks independence for the area claimed by Morocco.

According to many foreign policy experts, Algeria is making a power play for the region while Spain and the rest of the European Union are distracted with the war in Ukraine.

In March 2022, Spain formally recognized Moroccan plans to grant the region full autonomy which is just short of full independence.  In response, Algeria recalled its ambassador to Spain.

As a result of the trade suspension, Spain will lose access to Algerian natural gas, which could drive natural gas prices even higher.