Shenanigans? Chicago Board Of Elections Requests Closure Of 73 Polling Sites On Northside

by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

June 6, 2022

CHICAGO – The Chicago Board of Elections just announced that more than 100,000 voters throughout 73 precincts will not be allowed to cast their vote in their local precinct.

The Board of Elections will force voters to travel farther to exercise their right to vote or cast their ballot by “mail”.

It is unclear why these 73 precincts on Northside are “affected” while other parts of Chicago will remain open.

The Board of Elections requested the closure via Circuit Court Judge Nichole Patton (D) who issued a ruling Friday allowing officials to require those 100,000 plus voters to cast their ballots by “mail”, vote early, or on Election Day at a central site downtown or in their ward.  Is this an attempt to hamper voter turnout in those precincts?  You be the judge. 

Politicians work for you and voting is your way to fire those that allow high crime, high prices, and bad times.  Just remember, politicians will do anything to control how you vote in order to remain in power.