Amazon To Axe Kindle Out Of Communist China

By Brooks M. Deering, The Chicago Times

June 2, 2022

BEIJING to end Kindle device and services in communist China.

On Thursday, Amazon announced the decision on WeChat, saying it was pulling the Kindle from the communist Chinese market, but Amazon’s remaining operations, not restricted by the communist government, would continue.

Amazon also announced that the Kindle China e-bookstore will cease offering eBooks on June 30, 2023.  Amazon added that customers will be able download any purchased books for a year beyond that.

“We remain committed to our customers in China. As a global business, we periodically evaluate our offerings and make adjustments, wherever we operate.  With our portfolio of businesses in China, we will continue to innovate and invest where we can provide value to our customers.” Amazon stated in a press release.

Amazon’s remaining businesses in communist China includes cross-border e-commerce, advertising, and cloud services.

The increased repression and control over online content by China’s communist regime has prompted other large U.S. tech companies to cut services in China.