Europe: Russia To Suspend Natural Gas Supplies To Poland

by H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

April 27, 2022

WARSAW – According to the Polish government, Moscow has decided to suspend natural gas to Poland since the Polish government will not pay in Russian rubles, which is required by Russian sanctions imposed in response to sanctions imposed by western allied nations.

Russian (nee Soviet) state run Gazprom, Russia’s largest source of gas, notified the Polish government that gas supplies will be cutoff starting Wednesday unless payment is made in Russian rubles.

The Polish government, which staunchly supports Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression, declared that Poland is prepared to make do and would never again live under the Russian yoke of tyranny.  Poland has been developing its own source of liquefied natural gas and a partnership with Norway for natural gas supplies.  According to a government source in Poland, Poland will not become dependent on Russian gas as Germany has decided to do.