Chicago: Man Murdered With Hammer

by Gary Parker, The Chicago Times

April 27, 2022

CHICAGO – A Chicago man claims self-defense after allegedly bludgeoning a man to death with a hammer after they met at a local club.

According to Chicago police, Gregory Stamps, 31, of Englewood, was discovered sitting in the stairwell of his apartment building in the 7100 block of South Lowe Avenue with blood on his hands and clothes, along with a slick trail of blood leading to the rear entrance of the building.

Police officers searching in the rear of the building discovered David Castile, 42, splattered with blood next to the building’s garbage dumpster.  According to police, Castile died at a local hospital.

As Stamps was interviewed on scene by investigators, he claimed that he had fallen down the stairwell into the sticky blood smeared in the hallway which had coated his hands and clothes.  Later, Stamps allegedly confessed to the murder and claimed Castile tried to rape him in Stamps’ third floor apartment.

According to police, Stamps admitted bashing Castile in the head with the hammer while in Stamps’ bedroom.  Police later found a blood saturated mattress and splattered dripping blood on the walls.  Investigators also found a hammer coated in blood as well as Castile’s wallet on Stamps’ person.  Stamps declined to comment on how he allegedly came into possession of Castile’s wallet.

Stamps allegedly confessed to investigators that he met Castile in a local club and asked for a ride home after which Castile allegedly attempted to rape Stamps.  Stamps did not explain how a ride home from a stranger led to two men in a bedroom in third-floor apartment.

Investigators later reported that Stamps claimed to have dragged a still breathing yet bludgeoned Castile down three floors and into the building’s ally.  Stamps allegedly dumped the body by the dumpster as if he were taking out the trash.  At some point, Castile’s wallet was allegedly taken by Stamps.  Stamps also declined to comment on why he did not report the attempted rape and alleged act of self-defense.

According to the Cook County medical examiner, Castile’s hammered skull had up to 30 impact points with defensive wounds to his arms and hands.  Police have yet to confirm if Stamps had any visible wounds.

According to court records, Stamps is currently on parole for a 2013 attempted murder and aggravated domestic battery conviction.

According to Stamps attorney, Stamps is in the female hair and make-up products industry.

Stamps is currently being held without bail and is expected back in court on May 16.