Cook County: Man On Electronic Monitoring Charged In Restaurant Shooting

By Judd Mustin and Alex Dubček, The Chicago Times

March 15, 2022

CHICAGO – A man placed on electronic monitoring for crimes committed in 2020 has been charged in the reckless firing of a gun into the ceiling of downtown restaurant after making violent threats to five staff members.

Joshua Noah, 24, of Berwyn was granted the condition of electronic monitoring along with a $15,000 bond back in 2020 for his involvement in two separate felony cases.  Noah has previously been charged with 27 felony counts including home invasion, kidnapping, carjacking, and aggravated battery.  In another case, Noah faces charges in connection with armed violence, narcotics, and firearms.

Noah was arrested in 2020 for a home invasion in Riverside, Illinois.  According to police, Noah along with two other armed men allegedly beat down the door of a home located on West Quincy Street in Riverside.  The three violent armed men pistol whipped a female in the home and then blind folded and kidnapped a 20-year male they believed owed them drug money.  Noah and his accomplices then stole a car, belonging to the female victim, and drove to Chicago with the male victim.  The male victim was later found beaten to a bloody pulp in the 4300 block of West 47th Street.  Both the female and male victim were treated for their injuries.

Noah’s most recent run in with law enforcement occurred last weekend when he allegedly fired a gun into the ceiling of Chicago restaurant after making violent threats to five staff members.  After the shooting, Noah fled the scene in a car which was later involved in a traffic accident.  When police responded to the accident, they reported that Noah again attempted to flee the scene and supposedly begged officers to take the gun located on the driver’s seat and let him go.

Noah was taken into custody by Chicago police and has been charged with reckless discharge of a firearm and five counts of aggravated assault.

Noah is currently being held without bail on the two previous felonies.  A $200,000 bail has been set for the current charges along with reassignment to electronic monitoring if a 10% bond is met.