Alvarez Resigns From Illinois Tollway

By Frank Conklin, The Chicago Times

March 15, 2022

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Another political appointee of Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker has resigned from the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority.

According to Pritzker’s office, Jose Alvarez submitted a letter of resignation that stated his departure would be effective immediately.  Alvarez was hand picked by Pritzker to head the allegedly corrupt and wasteful Illinois Tollway system.  Alvarez’s resignation follows the departure of Illinois Tollway System board president Will Evans.  Evans had struggled for power with Alvarez and attempted to take charge of day-to-day operations, but later resigned.

A Pritzker spokesman declined to comment if both Evans and Alvarez were asked to leave by Governor Pritzker.  Alvarez and Evans are connected with former ComEd lobbyist John Hooker.  Hooker became involved with the ComEd bribery scandal that now threatens to send former Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan to federal prison.

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority was founded in 1941 and opened the first Illinois toll road in 1958.  The ISTHA oversees the construction, operation and maintenance of Illinois toll roads.  As of 2017, the ISTHA maintains and operates some 294 miles of tollways in northern Illinois.  The current budget for the ISTHA is a stunning $1.49 billion dollars.

Frank Conklin, Illinois Political Columnist for The Chicago Times.  Views and comments expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Chicago Times.