European Union Responds To Red China Over Lithuanian Dispute

By H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

January 27, 2022

BRUSSELS – On Thursday, the European Union, took further action in its dispute with communist China’s economic bullying of member state Lithuania to the World Trade Organization.  The EU accuses Beijing of undermining the 27-nation bloc’s single market.

Valdis Dombrovskis, EU Trade Commissioner, reported to the WTO that the European Union is due more respect from Beijing, which is coercing EU member states by blocking imports based on political grounds.

“Our relationship requires mutual respect,” Dombrovskis told the World Trade Organization.

Communist China’s bullying of Lithuania started when Lithuania decided to call the Taiwanese diplomatic office in Vilnius as “Taiwan” rather than communist China’s approved term of “Taipei”, which Red China has bullied other nations into using. Communist China considers Taiwan part of its territory with no right to diplomatic recognition or the right to maintain a free and democratic government.

In a typical response, Beijing expelled the Lithuanian ambassador and withdrew its own ambassador in Vilnius.  Communist China, according to the EU, has ordered that imports and exports be held at ports.

“Let me be clear these measures are a threat to the integrity of the EU single market so it affects the entire EU trade and EU supply chains, and they have a negative effect on EU industry,” Dombrovskis said.

Dombrovkis also stressed that not reacting to Beijing’s action could spread throughout the whole bloc of 450 million people.

“China is putting pressure on international companies to abandon the use of Lithuanian components in their production. Otherwise, they may face import restrictions.  The EU is determined to act as one and act fast against measures in breach of WTO rules.” said Dombrovskis.

Lithuania’s Foreign Minister said in a statement “This step is a clear message to China that the EU will not tolerate politically motivated actions of economic coercion.”

The European Commission, which manages trade activities for EU members, has collected evidence of communist China’s economic bullying.  They have proof that Red China has refused to clear Lithuanian goods through customs, has rejected import applications from Lithuania, and has pressured European companies not to use components or products connected to Lithuania.  It should be noted that Lithuania has a population of 2.8 million while, communist China has 1.4 billion people.