Cook County Judge Removed From Bench After Belittling Lawyer

By J. J. Quincannon, The Chicago Times

January 20, 2022

CHICAGO — Cook County Judge William Raines, who was caught on camera making belittling comments about an attorney, has been removed from the bench and will undergo sensitivity training.

Chief Judge Timothy Evans’s office has ordered Raines to receive sensitivity training and has placed Raines on restricted duties or duties other than judicial duties.

According to a YouTube livestream on January 11, Raines was caught making insulting comments about attorney Jennifer Bonjean.  Raines is heard saying “Can you imagine waking up next to her every day? Oh, my God.”

“The comments were likely a violation of the Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct, and the committee directed that the incident be referred to the Judicial Inquiry Board,” Evans’ office said in a statement.

Judge Raines has also been ordered to be monitored by Judge Sophia Hall, who will report Raines’ progress over the next 90 days to the Executive Committee.