CPS May Not Pay Wildcat Teachers Who Refused To Work

By The Chicago Times Staff

January 11, 2022

CHICAGO – After the Chicago Teachers Union won two demands as a result of their “Wildcat Strike”, Chicago Public Schools may refuse to pay teachers that failed to report to class over the four-day work stoppage.

According to CPS records, the four missed school days could cost the average teacher about $1,500 dollars in lost wages.  The lost pay is only going to add to the bitterness between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CTU members.  Yet, many CTU members disagreed with the work stoppage and continued teaching in person.

According to CTU, ballots have been sent to members to vote on the tentative deal which involves access to more masks, increased testing, and various guidelines.  Results of the vote are expected to be announced at CTU’s House of Delegates meeting on Wednesday.