Russia To Hold Security Talks With US Next Month

By The Chicago Times Staff

December 28, 2021

MOSCOW – In hopes to ease tensions, Russian officials will hold talks with the United States in January to discuss possible security guarantees as tensions grow over Ukraine.

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov the talks will take place after the New Year holiday.

Over the year, Russia has been observed massing tens of thousands of troops along the Ukraine border.  The recent troop buildup has left NATO allies and Ukraine with only one conclusion, that Russia intends to invade Ukraine.  The Kremlin has stated it has no intention of invasion but is responding to the growing relationship between NATO and Ukraine.

Russia unveiled security proposals to negotiate with the west, one of which includes a demand that NATO promises to forego military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

NATO and Ukraine have warned Russia that it will face massive consequences if Ukraine is invaded.

In 2014, Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and supported a separatist rebellion in the country’s east.  The war in Ukraine’s Donbas region has seen the deaths of over 14,000 people to, according to NATO.