Chicago: Lightfoot Decrees Proof Of Vaccination To Enter Chicago Restaurants And Other Venues

By J. J. Quincannon, The Chicago Times

December 21, 2021

CHICAGO — On Tuesday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot decreed mitigations for Chicago to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Beginning Jan. 3, residents of Chicago will be required to present their papers to prove their medical record of vaccination to enter bars, restaurants, fitness facilities, and entertainment and recreational venues where food and drink are served.

Patrons aged 5 and up must provide proof of complete vaccination, and those aged 16 and up must additionally produce identification that matches their vaccination papers.

If employers and employees are not completely vaccinated, the employer must guarantee that they continue to mask when interacting with clients and produce documentation of a weekly negative COVID-19 test, according to city government authorities.

Light claimed that these measures will be in force until health experts believe we are no longer in the grip of the current fifth wave of COVID-19 infections.

For now, Lightfoot is exempting houses of worship, K-12 schools, food stores, office buildings, and residential structures.  In addition, patrons entering a business for less than 10 minutes to order food or drink are also exempt.

Lightfoot bluntly stated “If you want to live your life as normally as possible, with the freedom to do the things you enjoy you must get vaccinated in the city of Chicago beginning January 3.  This health edict may be uncomfortable for the unvaccinated, but it is designed to be inconvenient.”