Naperville: Federal Judge Hands Down 30 Years To Pimp

By Kathy Whitaker, The Chicago Times

December 20, 2021

CHICAGO, IL – After being convicted in 2018 on federal sex-crime charges, Benjamin Biancofiori, 41, was given a 30-year sentence in prison.

According to prosecutors, the Naperville pimp stated back in 2018 that “The streets haven’t seen the last of me.”  Biancofiori allegedly instructed his daughter to post on social media that he would be back with a “bigger whip . . . doing what I do best!”

According to U.S. Assistant Attorney Erika Csicsila, Biancofiori used money, drugs, mind games, and beatings to control young innocent victims over a nine-year period.

During the sentencing proceeding at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse, Biancofiori argued that prosecutors had twisted the truth and that his victims were willing participants in his crimes and that they were not “traumatized” as prosecutors claim.

Prosecutors alleged that Biancofiori terrorized at least 10 young women and forced them into prostitution.  According to court documents, Biancofiori hit one victim until her face swelled and then raped her.  Another victim was beaten so badly she lost the use of her bladder.

Federal prosecutors also said Biancofiori robbed and beat a teenage boy back in 1997.  The teenage male victim would eventually commit suicide after Biancofiori threated to retaliate.  Biancofiori would serve 6-months for the robbery.