Cold Blooded: Tesla Employee Murders Coworker At End Of Shift

By Harold W. Reid, The Chicago Times

December 17, 2021

FREEMONT, CA — A Tesla employee allegedly shot a coworker in head in a stunning after work ambush.

Anthony Solima, 29, was charged Thursday with murder and the special circumstance of lying in wait, as well as possession of an assault weapon, according to police.

Solima and the victim, Lee Brasier, 42, had gotten into a heated verbal argument while working at the Tesla plant on Monday. According to witnesses, Solima was so upset that he walked off the job.

According police, Solima returned later to the Tesla plant and waited to ambush Brasier.  According to police, Solima shot Brasier in the head with a .223-caliber short-barreled AR-15.  Brasier had gotten into his Toyota Tundra when Solima pulled the trigger.

Brasier was pronounced dead on scene.

Solima was arraigned Thursday and is being held without bail.  Solima next court date is set for January.