Damaged Navy Attack Submarine Arrives in San Diego

by The Chicago Times Staff

December 15, 2021

SAN DIEGO – The Seawolf class attack submarine involved in an underwater accident in October completed a surface voyage from Guam to San Diego for repairs.

According to a Tuesday report from the US Naval Institute News, the USS Connecticut arrived in San Diego on Sunday after departing Guam sometime last month for repairs after striking an underwater mountain in the South China Sea.  According to the United States Navy, the voyage was made on the surface, which is extremely rare for modern submarines.

According to the website of the National Museum of the United States Navy, submarines sailing on the surface are substantially slower and more vulnerable.

Official reports indicate the damaged submarine collided with an undersea mountain in international waters in the Indo-Pacific.  The accident resulted in the dismissal of the Connecticut’s commander, executive officer, and enlisted chief, as well as minor injuries to roughly a dozen sailors.

According to a Navy news release issued Nov. 4, the USS Connecticut will undergo repairs in Bremerton, Wash., more than 1,300 nautical miles from San Diego.