Danish Frigate Sinks Nigerian Pirates

by The Chicago Times Staff

November 25, 2021

ABUJA — According to the Royal Danish Navy, a Danish naval patrol killed four pirates in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Nigeria.

According to Danish officials, 5 pirates were fired upon in which 4 were killed and 1 wounded.  No Danish sailors were killed or wounded during the action.

On Wednesday, the frigate HDSM Esbern Snare was patrolling in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Nigeria and attempted to board a suspected pirate ship.  Following naval protocol, the Esbern Sanre fired a warning shot calling for the suspected pirate ship to heave to for boarding. The suspected pirates returned fire prompting the Esbern Snare to fire back in self-defense.

According to Danish reports, the Gulf of Guinea has seen nearly 195 acts of piracy in 2020.  In addition, the International Maritime Office has reported up to 135 kidnappings at sea for ransom or sex trafficking in the area for this year alone.

The Royal Danish Navy is “. . . fulfilling an important task by protecting Danish and other commercial vessels in the region.” said Trine Bramsen, Danish Defense Minister.

The Esbern Snare will remain in the Gulf of Guinea until April 2022.

Photo attribution: konflikty.pl