Ukraine Plans Border Barrier Against Russia & Belarus

by H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

November 19, 2021

Denys Monastirsky

KIEV — Ukraine plans to invest millions of dollars to fortify its eastern borders in order to prevent potential unlawful crossings and safeguard the country from alleged Russian aggression, according to Denys Monastirsky, Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs.

Monastirsky, speaking to parliamentarians on Friday, recommended that $640 million be earmarked for engineering equipment on the borders with Russia and Belarus, which ranges  1,226 and 673.5 miles respectively.

According to the official, Kiev’s new demarcation line will consist of a complex of barbed wire barricades and fences, alarm systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and 24-hour surveillance.

Many in the Ukrainian parliament have called imposing a state of emergency in border areas or regions if  similar to  what Poland and Lithuania have implemented to heed the uncontrollable influx of illegal migrants.

The current migrant crisis on the EU’s eastern frontiers has worsened in the previous two weeks, with thousands of desperate people, mostly from Iraq, Iran, and Syria, attempting to enter Poland and Lithuania via Belarus.

Moscow has frequently stated that it is not involved in the deteriorating humanitarian situation, despite accusations from Western politicians and commentators that Belarus and Russia are waging “Hybrid warfare.”