Russia To Deploy Paratroop Regiment To Crimea

by H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

November 18, 2021

SEVASTOPOL – The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that it would deploy a new paratroop regiment to annexed Crimea by early December.  Experts say this is a response to British military agreements with Ukraine.

According to Interfax, Russia’s military said it would establish the new regiment on the peninsula Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, completing a reshuffle of forces announced by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in March.

At the same time, Moscow objected to a framework agreement under which Ukraine will use British funding to improve its naval capabilities, including the purchase of missiles and the construction of missile ships and a navy base on the Sea of Azov.

Ukraine and NATO members have expressed concern about Russian troop movements near Ukraine’s borders, while Moscow has accused Ukraine and their allies of destabilizing behavior.

Russia has responded to such concerns by denying any threat, criticizing “alarmist” news reports, and affirming its right to deploy troops on its own territory as it sees fit.